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Linbai is a company specializing in the R & D production and sales of solar photovoltaic system

800VAC solar photovoltaic power generation system solution-Linbai Electric


      As users have lower and lower cost requirements for solar photovoltaic power generation systems, Linbai Electric has designed a solar photovoltaic module inverter with a DC side voltage of 1500VDC from the comprehensive consideration of safety, reliability, economy and related equipment. , The inverter AC side voltage is 800VAC, the inverter transmission cable is connected to the low-voltage side CLBM3HU 800VAC circuit breaker of the ZGS booster box-type substation, and the low-voltage power distribution panel of the ZGS booster box-type substation is composed of CLBM3HU 800VAC molded case circuit breakers and CLBW1 800VAC Frame circuit breaker, 0.8KV step-up transformer and high-voltage cabinet (the high-voltage side voltage is 10KV or 35KV)

      The advantage of this scheme designed by Linbai Electric is to save the cost to the greatest extent. It adopts string photovoltaic inverters (when one of the inverters needs to be replaced or repaired, it does not require large-scale power outages and repairs, only the ZGS booster box-type substation is needed. The corresponding inverter CLBM3HU 800VAC molded case circuit breaker can be repaired after disconnection, without affecting the operation of other inverters)



         For complex terrain with lots of elevation differences such as hillsides and hills, there may be shadows cast by peaks or high buildings. The output consistency of photovoltaic modules in these situations cannot be guaranteed and the amount of power generated will be greatly affected. Therefore, the use of inverters with multiple channel MPPT function is essential.

      For high capacity power stations such as 10MW and above, a distributed inverter solution is recommended. Since distributed inverters utilize centralized on-grid techniques, besides having a good cost efficiency, it also has higher conversion efficiency and power quality and is suitable for use in large power stations. As for smaller power stations, string-type inverters are a good solution.
      When using string or distributed inverter solutions, there should be a MPPT channel for every 2-4 stringed modules. When compared to central inverters with a MPPT channel for every 500kW, it is able to better track the output power of the photovoltaic panels and greatly increases the amount of power generated by the system.
      The outdoor distributed power generation unit uses a container solution which integrates functions such as protection, heat dissipation, fire protection , lighting, power distribution, and monitoring devices into one and is easy and convenient to install and maintain, and enables the quick delivery of power stations.



      In Public Power Sector, Linbai’s integrated power protection and energy saving solutions have already been widely applied in major projects and venues for government and public agencies and provide power protection and power automated control systems such as communication transmission, lighting, news TV live broadcasting, data storage, security monitoring, medical emergency, traffic command, financial transaction and other control systems to large conferences and other major venues.

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